Power Transmission Lines

L&T IDPL is actively looking to participate in the development of Power Transmission Lines on a PPP basis. This sector represents the next key area, after power generation, for private investment.

An investment of about Rs. 1,00,000 Crore has been envisaged for further development of inter-State transmission systems during XII Plan which includes development of High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors (HCPTCs) apart from inter-regional links for enhancement of National Grid capacity & various system strengthening schemes. This will be used for augmenting the transmission system by about 40,000 ckm of transmission lines and about 1,00,000MVA of transformation capacity.

Apart from the Central agencies, several State government agencies are also becoming increasingly proactive in their endeavor to create much needed Power Transmission infrastructure.

At the Central level, the mission is to create a National Grid that will seamlessly integrate the five regional grids operated by Central Transmission Utility - Power Grid Corporation of India. The goal is to create inter-regional transfer capacity, so that power from surplus regions can be effectively transported to deficient regions.

As far as Intra-State transmission lines go, much of the work is being done by State Transmission Utilities. However, private sector entrepreneurship is emerging by way of joint ventures with STUs and also fully-private transmission lines.

As on December 31, 2014, National Grid with inter-regional power transfer capacity of about 46,450 MW has been established. The inter-regional power transfer capacity is envisaged to be augmented to about 2,250MW by the end of the XII Plan (2016-17).