Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

1. Order from the National Company Law Tribunal, Chennai Bench


National Company Law Tribunal (Chennai Bench) has ordered the commencement of a corporate insolvency resolution process of the L&T Halol-Shamlaji Tollway Limited vide order no IBA/138/2019 dated July 17, 2019 (date of receipt of order by IRP is July 23, 2019). Copy of Public Announcement attached. Please click here to view

Order dated 26th September 2019 in MA/999/2019 in IBA/138/2019 passed by the  Hon’ble NCLT-Chennai, appointing Mr. S. Rajendran as the Resolution Professional in the matter of L&T Halol-Shamla ji Tollway Limited. Please click here to view


2. Public Announcement


The Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) has given a Public Announcement for inviting claims from the Creditors of the Company. Copy of Public Announcement attached.
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3. Prescribed Claim Forms (Forms under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016)


Please click below links to download the forms

Form-B Operational Creditors

Form-C Financial Creditors 

Form-D Workman Employee 

Form-E Employee Representative

Form-F Other than Financial Creditor, Operational Creditor, Employee/workmen  

List of Creditors for claims received upto April 30, 2020. Click Here